Pocket Questions to Save Your Recruitment Conversations

What do you do when you get through the basic questions with potential new members? You don't want to rely on small talk - that's no way to get to know these women and determine if they should be your sisters. Pull out these pocket questions to keep the conversation flowing, show interest in the potential new member, and get to know her better! 


Work on asking inspiring, open-ended questions that will get the PNM to open up. These will also give her a window into your chapter. The questions you ask during recruitment help PNMs know what is important to you and the chapter. Make them count! 


Better than asking them what they did this summer, some of which could make PNMs uncomfortable if they weren't able to go anywhere, ask them where they would like to go.  You could talk about study abroad programs that members have experienced that help in personal and professional development. 

  • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why? 
  • What is one of your favorite vacations or where would you love to go on vacation one day?  
  • Would you consider studying abroad in your dream city? 


Don't just ask about her major - everyone is going to ask her that. Ask her about her dreams and goals. What would she love to do? Tell her how your sorority members encourage each other to reach their goals. The support of your sisters is hugely valuable when taking on challenges. You could share examples of where your members have had amazing internships or how they helped each other prepare for interviews or celebrated when their sister got an awesome job offer. 

  • What is your dream job? 
  • Where would you like to work some day?
  • Where do you envision interning during the summer?


Ask the PNM empowering questions about herself that help her see herself in your chapter. You could ask about her three super powers. You may have to share yours first to give her an idea of what you mean. For example, my three super powers are my podcast voice, the ability to nap anywhere (I wish), and planning amazing events. My friend's super powers may be the ability to break into dance for Drake's In My Feelings or [insert current dance] whenever the song comes on, help other members learn new study tips, the ability to do even the most challenging yoga poses, or the ability to speak in front of crowds. Show how each of your members have strengths that bring something amazing to your chapter and create opportunities for other members to grow. Show the PNM how her strengths would be appreciated and how they could translate into the chapter environment. 

  • What are your 3 super powers? 
  • What are the things your friends love most about you? 

There you go! Start with these pocket questions to have engaging, fun conversations that help with recruitment! And let me know - how do these work for you? What are your go-to pocket questions?