10 Ways to Make Primary Recruitment Actually Fun

Recruitment is essential to sororities. We're continuously recruiting new members to join our sisterhood. One of the biggest ways we do this is through primary recruitment. I think of it as "sorority boot camp" with the long days and late nights all together, preparing members to recruit awesome new members and making continuous improvements to our plans. BUT boot camp also equals stress, and it's not always fun. 

Recruitment Fun.png

Primary recruitment can be tough. You're all together all day long practicing clapping, songs, bumping, and smiling until your cheeks hurt. It doesn't take much for everyone's patience to run out and start getting sassy. 

But I have good news! I'm here to tell you - primary recruitment can actually be fun! By using these 10 ways to make primary recruitment actually fun, you'll keep members positive and excited for each day. You'll even make them look forward to it next year!

These ideas are primarily for your pre-recruitment days leading up to primary recruitment, but just see what works best based on your schedule. 

Theme Days 

The recruitment team could pick theme days and encourage members to dress according to the theme. Just give the members plenty of heads up so they can be prepared with outfits for each day. You could do: jersey day (or favorite team attire), Disney princess day, school spirit day, tourist day (pull out the fanny packs!), twin day (match an outfit with another sister), pajama day, celebrity look-alike day, western day, beach day, pink day (Wednesday, duh), or throwback day.

Ice Cream Truck 

Contact an ice cream truck (or Kona Ice or a cupcake truck!) that will come to the chapter facility at a certain date and time. You can probably even coordinate with the company to get an invoice for all the members' treats. Your members will be so excited to step outside and get a free treat from an ice cream truck! Make sure you budget enough money to cover the cost of their treats. I organized a Kona Ice truck that was $3/member, so pretty affordable for the recruitment budget. 

Water Balloon Fight 

What better way to work off some steam than to run around and throw water balloons at each other! Pick a time at the end of the day (so there's nothing scheduled after), walk to a nearby park, and let the women go at it. You'll need to do some prep work to have all the balloons ready to go, and make sure you clean up afterwards. You could even have the ice cream truck show up at the end of the water balloon fight. 


A great way to relax is to cuddle therapy dogs! Lots of schools bring in therapy puppies for students before finals week. See if your local animal rescue league has a therapy dog program. You could also ask alumnae if they would bring their dogs over to play with chapter members. 

Love Notes 

If you live in a chapter facility, post welcome notes on everyone's doors for move in day. An uplifting message welcoming them home will set the right tone for the week. 


We could all use more chill during recruitment (and probably all the time tbh). Yoga and meditation are great for clearing your mind and setting intentions. See if an alumna or a chapter member will lead a yoga session at the beginning or end of the day. 


A sweet treat in the morning is always fun and these come with sprinkles! Balance the sugar with some fruit, and you're good to go. Even a small treat can make your members feel appreciated and start the day off right. 

Mock Recruitment with Alumnae 

We practice all day long with each other, and sometimes it's helpful to get a new audience. Your alumnae would be thrilled to get an invitation to the chapter facility for a mock recruitment event. Your members could give alumnae house tours and practice conversation. In turn, alumnae could offer advice and fun stories from their recruitments. Your alumnae may also be willing to bring treats or root beer floats for a social after your recruitment practice. You could also hold a mock recruitment event with another sorority if you don't have nearby alumnae. 

Pool Time 

If the weather is right, take some time at the end of the day for pool time. Especially if it's hot, members will enjoy a cool dip in the pool to de-stress. 

Outdoor Movie 

At the end of the day, invite members to relax with an outdoor movie on the lawn. Some bonding time will be good for relationships and could also be a fun story to share with potential new members! 

Which of these work best for your chapter? What activities have you used to make recruitment more fun? 

Emily Brown