Social Media Strategy Tips and Monthly Topics

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We all know that social media is important, but what should you post about, where, and how often? 

Social media is a vital part of your chapter's public relations strategy, and you need to make a plan so you can post consistently and showcase your chapter accurately. 

 Let's dive in! 


The biggest social media channels for sororities are Instagram and Facebook. For college students, Instagram is key. For alumnae and parents, Facebook is more popular. You can also use other channels like Twitter, but focus on the big two for most of your strategy. 


Posting consistently is key! Decide how often you're going to post. Consider posting once a day on Instagram and 2-3 times per week on Facebook. Use a scheduling tool (like Buffer or HootSuite) for Instagram and use the Facebook scheduler for Facebook. Schedule posts at least a week out so you can maintain a consistent presence on both social media channels. 

Ask members to send you photos to post and utilize your committee if possible. You will need lots of photos to post often. Make sure to represent a wide variety of members on social media, so you're not posting pictures of the same group of 4-6 women, for example. (This is why we love member spotlights! Highlight ALL your members if possible.)

Post Topics 

On Instagram: 

  • Member spotlights (good on both channels but especially Instagram)

  • Instagram stories

On Facebook:

  • Photo albums

  • Facebook event invitations

  • Facebook Live tour of chapter house

On Both:

  • Member spotlights (new members, members studying abroad, executive council members, graduating seniors, campus leaders)

  • Alumnae spotlights (advisors and others)

  • Service projects

  • Philanthropy fundraisers

  • Sisterhood events

  • Members studying

  • Campus involvement

  • Accomplishments and awards

  • Homecoming, Greek Week

  • Founders' Day

  • Convention

  • Graduating seniors

  • Initiation (share photos of new initiates)

  • Primary recruitment - both chapter activities and share the registration link

  • Make sure your posts are reflective of your sorority's values

Monthly Topics:

  • January - Kick off the year with member and/or alumnae spotlights

  • February - NPC Month of the Scholar

  • March - International Badge Day #iwearabadge; National Ritual Celebration Week

  • April - Advisor Appreciation Month #TYAdvisors

  • May - National Women's Health Week #NWHW, Mental Health Awareness Month

  • June/July- Highlight members' summer activities (internships, travel, study abroad, and more)

  • August - I am a sorority woman #IamaSororityWoman

  • September - National Hazing Prevention Week #TheseHandsDontHaze #NHPW

  • October/November - Fall activities (football games, orchard sisterhood events, and more)

  • December - Year-end review (share numbers from the year such as service hours donated and dollars raised for your sorority foundation)


  • Bikini photos (swimsuit photos probably aren't highlighting your sorority values and may focus too much on physical attributes, making potential new members think that is most important to your chapter)

  • Snarky comments, drug use, alcohol consumption, or anything that could portray the sorority in a negative light


Videos are great content for your social media. Be aware of how you should hold your phone depending on your platform. If you're on Facebook or taking video to post later, hold your phone horizontally. For Instagram stories or IGTV, hold vertically. 


Utilize the stories feature on both Instagram and Facebook to engage more people. You could post:

  • Member birthdays

  • Behind-the-scenes looks at your philanthropy event, service project, recruitment, and more!

  • Share posts from members that line up with your public relations strategy (using the "share" paper airplane button on their posts).


Encourage your audience to engage with you on social media to increase views. Here are some tips to increase engagement: 


  • Use hashtags strategically.

  • Use geo-locations for specific areas/restaurants/businesses. (great for stories too!)

  • Encourage conversations with your posts.

  • Respond to comments quickly.

  • For comments to be especially valuable, they should be at least 5 words (not emojis). Comments that are just emojis may count as spam.


  • Engagement with likes and comments will increase visibility, so encourage conversations with posts.

  • Clickbait titles could decrease the visibility of a post.

  • Photos and videos are the most popular type of social media content for engagement. They get the most shares on Facebook (and most retweets on Twitter).

Creating Conversations 

  • Create two-way posts that encourage conversation and communication.

  • In your posts, ask for feedback and opinions or tag someone so they will reply.

  • Interact with your audience when they post comments.

Social media is an inexpensive way of enhancing your chapter's public relations and a great way to engage your audiences with your chapter activities. Read more about how to stretch your PR budget and listen to our podcast episode on Social Media Strategies for Sororities: Using Storytelling to Enhance Your Brand in your favorite podcast app or at the below link.


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Guest expert Nicole Green, the blogger behind What Nicole Wore, shares strategies for sorority social media accounts - where should you post, what should you post, how often, what tips and tricks do you need to know to increase engagement? Find out from Nicole, whose life and style blog boasts a social media audience of over 22,000 people. She's the real deal. Every sorority officer in charge of social media needs to hear Nicole's advice.