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Tricia Stouder, higher education professional and new member education advisor, is back to talk with us about engaging parents and being a better sorority advisor. Tricia shares how her chapter is engaging parents in their new member education process and how parent engagement affects membership retention and satisfaction. She also provides solid advice for sorority advisors and shares what it takes to be successful and make a positive impact.

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Higher education professional and new member education advisor Tricia Stouder is our guest this week. She shares what we can do better in new member education and discusses what we know about this current generation of college students. Every sorority collegiate member, advisor, national officer and staff member should listen to Tricia's advice on how sorority should be evolving in order to thrive and provide our members with the experience they're craving and need to be successful in life after college. 

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Guest Serena Paulson shares how her sorority leadership positions prepared her to serve on Collegiate Panhellenic Council as the VP of Risk Prevention. Serena's role in her sorority governing council gives her an opportunity to impact the sorority experience on her campus. She shares advice for women considering running for a Panhellenic council position, what she accomplished in her role, and what she has learned from this experience. 


Guest expert Jessica Roswell talks about how to use personal branding to intentionally cultivate your reputation and relationships. Make sure to follow her advice so you don't have to deal with unintended consequences of your branding. Jessica and I talk about the importance of showing potential new members, your current members, and the public what sororities are all about. Make sure the image you're projecting of sorority is what you intend and sets the right expectations for new members, established members, potential employers, your community, and the public. 

Impactful Service Projects for Sororities

One of the biggest advantages of sorority life is the ability to make a huge impact together, especially with service projects! Everything that your chapter does tells our members, our potential new members, and communities what's important to us. Let's show them how sorority women care about their communities with meaningful service projects. Today I'm sharing over 20 impactful service projects for sororities.


Guest expert Nicole Green, the blogger behind What Nicole Wore, shares strategies for sorority social media accounts - where should you post, what should you post, how often, what tips and tricks do you need to know to increase engagement? Find out from Nicole, whose life and style blog boasts a social media audience of over 22,000 people. She's the real deal. Every sorority officer in charge of social media needs to hear Nicole's advice.