20+ Philanthropy Fundraiser Ideas

Are you looking for fresh ideas for fundraisers to raise money for your sorority’s foundation? Check out the ideas below!

Philanthropy Fundraiser Ideas.png


Everyone loves food, right? You have a ton of food options for fundraisers that are always popular. You could host a dinner event at your chapter house where guests buy tickets for dinner or other fun food items. You could sell food items on campus during the day (make sure you follow all campus rules to get permission). Or maybe your chapter wants to sell something that your members will deliver to others on campus - caramel apples in the fall or ho-ho grams around December. Some delicious food fundraisers include: 

  • Pancakes / waffles
  • S'mores
  • Ice cream sundaes
  • Tacos
  • Spaghetti
  • Mac and Cheese bar 
  • Hors d'oeuvres 
  • Caramel apples (encourage pre-orders!)
  • Hot chocolate 
  • Ice cream shakes 
  • Doughnuts 


Your chapter could host a competition or tournament, encouraging teams to sign up! If you go this route, reach out to other sororities and fraternities on campus as well as residence hall floors and other student organizations and encourage everyone to participate! Provide awesome prizes for the winning team. Here are some great ideas for competitions and tournaments: 

  • Fun Run or 5K run (could include a kids' division and reach out to alumnae, faculty, and community to sign up kids)
  • Bags tournament 
  • Dodgeball tournament 
  • Glow-in-the-dark dodgeball tournament 
  • Sand volleyball tournament
  • Laser tag tournament 

Special Event 

You could host a special event such as a gala with entertainment, food and a silent auction. Make sure to invite alumnae, parents, faculty and administration as well as other students. A photo booth at the event is a great way to generate publicity during and after the fundraiser. Check out these special event ideas: 

  • Gala (could include a silent auction)
  • Concert
  • Fashion Show 


Consider other items you could sell around holidays. You could sell flowers on campus either directly or via pre-order for delivery around Valentine's Day. This could be really attractive to other students, faculty and staff who need to get their significant other or friends something for a holiday - and they can support a good cause (your philanthropy) at the same time! 

Garage Sale 

One of my favorite ideas is gathering items from members and alumnae to hold a big garage sale, either at your chapter house or another location. You could also hold it at an alumna's house, a church parking lot or perhaps somewhere on campus. Just make sure you get permission, pick a spot where you'll have lots of foot traffic and advertise! 

Public Relations

Also consider public relations before and after your philanthropy:

  • Create a logo for your project
  • Make sure you publicize where the money is going - to your sorority foundation. Check with your foundation representatives to make sure you're publicizing accurately so there are no issues with donor intent or other fundraising protocol. 
  • Post on social media
  • Encourage your members to sell tickets in advance
  • Create t-shirts for your philanthropy for all of your members to wear before and during the event - make sure it has your sorority name loud and proud on the shirt. 
  • Invite alumnae, advisors, parents, faculty, administration, and students to attend (depending on your target audience). 
  • Take lots of pictures and video during the event. These can be used for your recruitment video and to post on social media. 
  • See if your campus newspaper will publicize the event before and after it takes place. (Send a media alert and a press release.)
  • Publicize how much you raised after the event and thank everyone who attended. Include pictures and the fundraising total in your newsletters to parents and alumnae. 

These are all philanthropy projects. Also check out 20+ impactful service project ideas and donation drive ideas for your chapter. Not sure what makes a project a philanthropy or service project? Check out this article on the difference between service and philanthropy. Both are valuable and have positive impact.  

What philanthropy fundraisers will you plan this year?