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How to Stretch Your PR Budget

Public relations is critically important for your chapter - it impacts your relationships with alumnae, parents, faculty, staff, administrations, community and potential new members. PR is one of the first steps in making sure you have a strong recruitment program. You are recruiting all year long through your public relations.

And PR doesn't have to cost money! Even if your budget is tight, you can execute an effective PR program with these projects. 

  • Send "Happy Founders' Day" cards to other sororities and fraternities on your campus (use this list of Founders' Day dates).
  • Send "thank you" notes to faculty, administration and staff on campus.
  • Hand out giveaways on campus such as treats, beverages, reusable bags, or stress balls.
  • Deliver gifts to faculty members such as treats or school-themed items.
  • Attend school events, wearing your letters and displaying signs with messages like "ABC Sorority loves the Wildcats!" 
  • Help with move-in day for freshmen on campus - volunteer to be part of the move in crew. 
  • Hand out lemonade and cookies on move-in day for students on campus. 
  • Keep your social media pages active. 


  • When executing PR events or activities, always wear your letters. 
  • Signage, signage, signage! Make sure everyone knows that you're a member of ABC Sorority so you maximize impact.
  • Show your campus, parents and alumnae what it means to be a member of your sorority. Your hard work won't benefit your reputation unless they know who you are. If you're using a booth on campus, hang posters on the table or a banner that everyone can see from a distance. 
  • If you're handing out items, make sure they are marked with your sorority name. 

What other ways can your chapter stretch your PR budget?