Newsletter Topics For Parent and Alumnae Engagement

One of the best tools for keeping parents and alumnae engaged with the chapter is regular email newsletters! I encourage all chapters to send these newsletters monthly. Here are some tips and post topics so you can send awesome newsletters year-round to these important audiences. 

Copy of Newsletter Topics (1).png

Newsletter Services 

I like to use MailChimp for my email newsletters, though there are other options that will probably work for you too. Using an email newsletter service helps you create more accessible and more attractive newsletters than sending a newsletter as a Word or PDF attachment. If you are sending those types of newsletters - S-T-O-P and try MailChimp immediately. You can create a visually appealing newsletter that your audience sees immediately when they open the email (no clicking on an attachment) and you can include links, photos, videos, and more in the email. 

MailChimp is free until a certain volume level, which you probably will not reach for the chapter's newsletters. It's super easy, and some sororities may even have MailChimp newsletter templates that are branded. Check to see if your sorority does, and if they don't, just make sure to use current branding (and logos) for your newsletters. 

MailChimp also makes list management really easy because it tells you if there are bouncebacks or if someone unsubscribes. Adding people to the list is simple too. You can also see who opens your emails and what links they click. Open and click rates are a good way to monitor engagement with your audience.

Also - perhaps my favorite feature - you can schedule emails to send when you want. So, you can work on a monthly email, and then when it's ready, schedule it to send on the first of the month, and you're all set! You don't have to go back in to press send. As soon as it's completed, schedule it and forget it. 

Consistent Topics 

Now to content for newsletters! There are some topics that you could include every month, so let's review those. 

  • Upcoming events
  • Awards received 
  • Pictures from chapter events 
  • Philanthropy or service projects 
  • Sisterhood events 
  • Sorority updates or news 
  • Message from the Alumnae Relations officer or Parents Club officer or Chapter President 
  • Member spotlight - this could be a new member, an executive council member, a member studying abroad, etc. 

Monthly Topics 

You'll also have seasonal topics that you want to cover. 


  • Share all the planned events for the spring semester and encourage parents/alumnae to save-the-date for special events.


  • NPC Month of the Scholar - review your current scholarship program, share photos of members studying, and have a quick message from the scholarship/academic chapter office


  • International Badge Day - encourage alumnae to wear their badges on badge day and share photos of members wearing their badges. 
  • National Ritual Celebration Week - spotlight your ritual chair (or other chapter officer) as she shares why ritual is important.


  • Advisor Appreciation Month - include shout outs to your advisors and maybe even feature them in spotlights as a "get to know our advisors" section.


  • National Women's Health Week - share tips on how women can focus on their health this month.
  • Share what collegiate members are doing over the summer - spotlight internships, study abroads, and more. 

June / July 

  • Share what collegiate members are doing over the summer - spotlight internships, study abroads, and more.
  • Share the planned events for the fall semester and encourage parents/alumnae to save-the-date for special events.


  • Share upcoming plans for primary recruitment (if applicable) 


  • Share results from primary recruitment (if applicable) 
  • National Anti-Hazing Week - share your chapter's efforts to recognize this week and promote the "These Hands Don't Haze" campaign 

October / November 

  • Fall events like Homecoming - share upcoming plans, awards, pictures and more. 


  • Year-end review - share numbers from the year such as the number of service hours given by members (collectively), the number of dollars raised for your sorority foundation, the number of Greek Week or Homecoming awards earned, and more. 
  • Introduce the new Alumnae Relations or Parents Club (or chapter president) officers if transitions happen around this time. 


  • Greek Week - share information about Greek Week in advance and then also results.
  • Founders' Day activities - invite alumnae to your event and share photos afterwards. 
  • Recruitment - ask parents and alumnae to help with recruitment (as needed). 
  • Initiation - share photos and highlight the new initiates. 
  • Sorority national convention (or other trainings/events) - share highlights and photos 

Whew! Hopefully that gives you a lot of ideas for newsletter content. Make sure you're engaging parents and alumnae through social media as well. Check out these social media tips to keep your channels active.